In our website design service article we talked about how important it is to have good content and a well designed site. Another huge part of that is the servers it runs on to make sure its secure and fast. We take care of both.

IT security isn’t like putting a lock on your front door and saying its done. All of the operating systems, software and applications that run your website need to be constantly updated. This keeps out the hackers and cuts down on the spam form submissions that always seem to make their way through.

Just like everything else, TechSynergy makes it easy. Our staff updates the custom servers, monitors their status and makes sure your website is running optimally day after day. We only host local business’ websites; we don’t allow people to put anything up on our servers that could compromise your website.

Our trained staff can take care of all of the logistics to move your current website too. We will get in contact with your provider, download the content, move the databases and make sure it runs 100%.

Backups and monitoring are a huge part of our day to day operations of managing our own web servers. The backups are taken every day, plus before and after we make any changes or updates we keep a full backup. They are stored in our cloud provider’s online storage for us so if we ever needed it we can go back in time.

Contact us today to have us manage your website, even if we didn’t design it we’ll be glad to help.