For the last decade or more the public has relied on Google and other search engines to find the local companies they want to do business with. This could be for a home renovation, local restaurant, kids events, non-profit organizations or even a technology consultant like TechSynergy.

We’ve created websites for many such businesses, most of which have been in the southeastern Pennsylvania area. When creating a site for a business we start off by making sure we have a good direction and design. Once those are set, the next step is content. Content is the only way that a new client is going to find your business on search engines. Having human written, unique, relevant, long form pages of text is the best way to rank high on Google. In other words sit down and write it or have a writer do it for you, do not use AI tools since they mostly just curate paragraphs of text from around the web. Believe me, Google knows you copied and pasted that paragraph of text.

It may seem counter intuitive to have 500 or 1000 words per page or service and that no one reads it, but trust us it makes a difference. Or don’t trust us, read one of the many articles out there on this topic. Here are a couple.

Why do you need to write very long articles to improve your website’s ranking? Comes down to one thing, showing you are the expert. Having a beautiful, fast and well-run website is all well and good, but if you don’t have text that shows you’re highly skilled craftsman that knows their business it won’t do you any good.

This also goes for regular updates. Putting up your website and not touching it for years and years won’t do you any good. It will probably rank well for a while, but then other companies will update their sites and yours will fall behind. We use industry leading open-source content management systems that allow you to login and add content if you’d like, or our highly trained staff will do it for you.

Enough about text. You also need custom photos and video to attract the right clientele. We offer both photography and videography services to go onto your website. On this site we used a few stock photos to get it up and running, but over time we will be replacing all of the photos with custom photography and video to help make it rank better. Many stock photos get used over and over and users see the same ones on multiple sites. Google can also tell the difference as they index photos along with the text.

Now that you have a good understanding of our process, why not give us a call? We’ll gladly give you a quote for a new website and content to go with it. Our contact form is right here!